Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Monday, April 4, 2011

Busy weekend then home again

Spring craft shows can be hard to plan for since folks aren't often in a buying mood after a hard winter, and the climate in Wisconsin has certainly been difficult for many reasons. Last Friday I took off in the old 92 dodge van, praying it would not break down again (thank you God) motored on to Onalaska. The craft show is also a "gift" show, which means anything goes from $5 windspinners to polish pottery! The Omnicenter folks do a great job, always there to help and they do advertise. I don't like doing shows which allow imports, but April is a cruel time, so anything helps. I was blessed with no van problems, and some sales, and had a great time visiting with my friend Louise "the baglady". She makes incredible purses, totes and bags made of recycled jeans.

The robins are not in Saint Germain yet, but they are in Onalaska. Sunday night I made it home after 4.5 hours of driving, and discovered up north had fresh snow. Didn't bring my laptop along, so Monday morning was delighted and humbled to discover a real gift on my etsy site. Alot of sales, so to all of you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. What a gift.

Tomorrow is election day, so off to vote and show "Solidarity" by staying at the community center to hand out "decline to sign" handouts to educate (if possible) our local voting pool. Hopefully no one will spit on me! I have heard that the group trying to recall the "14" has been known to use paid organizers from other areas. Some who have outstanding warrants. Scary world we live in. Maybe I should have turned left at the Emerald City gates instead of going thru the Enchanted Forest. And I thought that unicorn was holding up a highway sign....

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