Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Friday, April 8, 2011

April, but not in Paris...

Even though the ice and snow piles are still something to deal with, today had all the promise that spring is supposed to tease us with. I allowed Tuffy the cat to go out (first time since last fall) to his leash on the clothesline out the back door. There he did cat things, such as tried to hypnotize a bird on the tree, eat grass and just stare big eyed. I think he forgot about the vast sky. To honor the morning being above freezing, I washed sheets and towels and got them out to dry in the breeze and sun. Wonderful. The bed is all made up again, can't wait. You cannot get that in a bottle.

It was an extremely good workday. I threw bread bakers, some berry bowls and mug bodies. They will get finished and trimmed tomorrow. The bisque kiln was unloaded and I was able to glaze, then later wipe off pot bottoms and reload the kiln for a glaze firing. Not too bad.

It is always a challenge to keep making stuff everyday. Like climbing up a mountain that never levels out. That's what potters do everywhere I think. Keep making stuff to sell later. What a blessing that we artists and crafters can do this.

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