Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Friday, April 22, 2011

The wait

When you are a little kid, waiting is impossible. That's cause in your world, what you value and need is very important. Then we grow up and learn about waiting for new important things.
For an artist who relies upon art and craft shows to pay the bills the waiting for the jury dates is almost impossible to endure. We check the online banking to see if the check is thru, we check the website to see if they started to list the artists. We hate to get a fat envelope from the art association for a specific art show, cause that usually means all your application stuff has been sent back with a reject notice.

It's spring, so I wait. I am, therefore, I await the decision by unknown folks who have no idea what it is to be me, a potter. Let me tell you, it can be extremely difficult to break into a new art show. Many tend to have the same artists year after year. That is a comfort for them, since unless you have a spouse working, or am retired, this is your only way to make it. But the outsider has a leaner time.
So lets all pray that the capricious winds of fate blow in our favor, getting us into the shows we so need to pay the bills!! Newton stated it for himself, "I think, therefore I am" For me it's "I am juried, therefore I sink or swim".

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Japan Relief donations thru ETSY

The Etsy Mud Team will be promoting a charity drive set up by Leach Pottery for our fellow potters in Japan who have been hard hit by the earthquake, specifically those in the historical village of Mashiko.

So, I've posted an item for sale, please check it out. I have been without electricity for about a week due to severe storms up here. I cannot imagine being in the situation that Japan is in. My little 1994 Toyota pickup was born there. So, please help them.

Friday, April 8, 2011

April, but not in Paris...

Even though the ice and snow piles are still something to deal with, today had all the promise that spring is supposed to tease us with. I allowed Tuffy the cat to go out (first time since last fall) to his leash on the clothesline out the back door. There he did cat things, such as tried to hypnotize a bird on the tree, eat grass and just stare big eyed. I think he forgot about the vast sky. To honor the morning being above freezing, I washed sheets and towels and got them out to dry in the breeze and sun. Wonderful. The bed is all made up again, can't wait. You cannot get that in a bottle.

It was an extremely good workday. I threw bread bakers, some berry bowls and mug bodies. They will get finished and trimmed tomorrow. The bisque kiln was unloaded and I was able to glaze, then later wipe off pot bottoms and reload the kiln for a glaze firing. Not too bad.

It is always a challenge to keep making stuff everyday. Like climbing up a mountain that never levels out. That's what potters do everywhere I think. Keep making stuff to sell later. What a blessing that we artists and crafters can do this.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

voting day in wisconsin

My daughter went to vote today, and since we don't have driveup voting as yet, she had to take the kids in with her. The almost 4 year old wanted to know what "voting" was. "You get to tell everyone what you like" my daughter told little Anna. Well, once into the town center, Anna marched up to the poll lady and said, "I like popcorn!".
I guess it's a start.

It was 26 or so degrees this morning as Barry and I sat on the back of our old pickup outside our polling place. Not alot of action, and no one from the recall group. When I went back at noon they were represented, so I parked my truck again and resumed my spot on the tailgate. The sun was out, the wind was up and it was nice to be able to hand out some flyers, and yes, there are many in our area who are very happy to support Sen. Holperin. It was a good day to believe in freedom of thought and speech.

And thank you all again from the depth of my soul for your kindnesses towards me and our business. I was trembling with emotion Monday morning when I checked my etsy shop. God bless you all. We will keep working hard. And soon the studio will be open and summer can commence.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Busy weekend then home again

Spring craft shows can be hard to plan for since folks aren't often in a buying mood after a hard winter, and the climate in Wisconsin has certainly been difficult for many reasons. Last Friday I took off in the old 92 dodge van, praying it would not break down again (thank you God) motored on to Onalaska. The craft show is also a "gift" show, which means anything goes from $5 windspinners to polish pottery! The Omnicenter folks do a great job, always there to help and they do advertise. I don't like doing shows which allow imports, but April is a cruel time, so anything helps. I was blessed with no van problems, and some sales, and had a great time visiting with my friend Louise "the baglady". She makes incredible purses, totes and bags made of recycled jeans.

The robins are not in Saint Germain yet, but they are in Onalaska. Sunday night I made it home after 4.5 hours of driving, and discovered up north had fresh snow. Didn't bring my laptop along, so Monday morning was delighted and humbled to discover a real gift on my etsy site. Alot of sales, so to all of you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. What a gift.

Tomorrow is election day, so off to vote and show "Solidarity" by staying at the community center to hand out "decline to sign" handouts to educate (if possible) our local voting pool. Hopefully no one will spit on me! I have heard that the group trying to recall the "14" has been known to use paid organizers from other areas. Some who have outstanding warrants. Scary world we live in. Maybe I should have turned left at the Emerald City gates instead of going thru the Enchanted Forest. And I thought that unicorn was holding up a highway sign....