Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Friday, April 27, 2012

And even with April Snow Showers

Yesterday I didn't get a chance to upload my flowers which arrived Wed. from my daughter Amanda and her family. Beautiful birthday gift. I enjoyed them especially yesterday as I looked out into snow showers and wild winds during the morning. We could look at the flowers and smile. Our night time temps are back into the mid twenties for the next few days so no glaze loads for the kiln. This is too sad, I long for spring. My basement has no horizontal surfaces which don't contain boards of pottery waiting to run thru the kiln. Orders to finish, stuff to make. Blue skies this morning and 25 deg. Hope my plants are surviving out there.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gee, what is it?

It's fun to take a road trip on your birthday, so Barry and I headed up to Washburn by way of Hurley and Ashland yesterday. Now being a potter means you look at things differently. The image from the Hurley rest stop at hwy 51 and 2 reminded me of an Orton self supporting Cone!! Actually it is part of a Sundial sculpture at the rest stop. Huh, I still think it's a big cone. The journey progressed with our drive up to Washburn and one of our favorite booksellers, Chequamegon Books. Later, we went back to Ashland for lunch at Fiddleheads Coffee (on Hwy 2) and that was fantastic by the way. A shopping trip to Chequamegon Food Coop and the Ashland Baking Co. rounded out our time there. We were surprised and amazed at the changes in Ashland since last fall when we had been up. The DOT had been doing a huge rework of the Hwy 2 thru town, that was done, and it seemed as if the area had a face lift. Motels repainted, new buildings up and the actual downtown area was busy, with very few empty storefronts. I know unemployment is high up there, but the mood was good. Perhaps because the mining threat is over, who knows. It was just nice to see compared with the often grim aspects of other towns in Wisconsin. So, before leaving another trip to Fiddleheads for coffee for the road and then to Ironwood and the Fabric Patch Quilt shop. Then home. Happy Birthday to me! Now today it's windy, cooler and light snowshowers. Oh well, my ode to spring is over. Time to unload the kiln.