Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A day off from pottery, the studio, responsiblity.

It has been a very hectic and intensive summer. Our peak sales time up here in the northwoods is last week of June thru the first 2 weeks of August. Then, a brief flurry over Labor day weekend, then deadsville till Cranberry fest weekend in Eagle River on the first full weekend of Oct. Other than going to art and craft shows, or going to visit my daughters I am usually working. Sometimes you hit a wall. I found myself having difficulty making a coffee mug, so decided to take a day off and vanish from the studio.

Last week Thursday I called up to the Crystal Lake campground in the Northern Highland State forest, learned there were some lakeside campsites avail. for that night. Quickly I tossed a tent, chair, swimsuit, wine, food and other misc items into the truck. Grabbing my current book and a cooler I drove up the 11 miles (!) got a site and since I couldn't set up this early (10:30am) I at least had a home for the night. It is a blessing to be in the northwoods already.
Off to the Plum Lake library, drop off, pick up and then to Hazelhurst to the Quilt Cottage Quilt shop. Pure bliss, looking and touching and talking to the shop ladies. After an hour of this, I made my purchase and headed up to Little Creek Coffee shop in Woodruff for a delicious lunch. Oh yay! Try the 3 cheese toasted cheese sandwich with salad and a dark roast coffee.
By 1:30 I was back at the campsite, which was empty of the previous campers, fully set up and ready for a walk. Then, down to my beach and a swim. The balance of the day was spent reading and relaxing. Crystal Lake is non-motorized, so wonderfully quiet. And with no homes on the lake, very clear since no leaching sepics or chemical runoff from manicured lawns.

At 4 I went up for a glass of wine and crackers and cheese to take back down to my chair. A little gopher tasted my wine I think, which he didn't like, but he liked the cracker crumbs!
An easy supper cooked over the fire, more reading and wine, then bedtime. It was quiet and perfect. I was back home and at work by 10 the next day. Not too bad for a little battery recharge.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

new ventures

Wow, life is so amazing. I have known Nancy from Blackberry Creek Soaps for years, we got to know each other thru craft shows in Wisconsin. And we both love each other's product, so of course I can buy her soap and lotions, and she uses my pottery. Nancy has a fantastic website for her soaps and lotions and sprays, so now I (my soap dishes) are on her website. Blackberry Creek Soaps
is her link.
Believe me, she makes the best soaps and she makes my soap dishes look good too! Great website. Please check it out!
In other news, at the studio I have noticed the hummingbirds are feeding heavy, I fear soon they will head south. This morning on my walk thru the woods to the creek, while standing on the bridge I saw a mink hurry down the stream, go under the bridge, up the bank and head into the woods. Beautiful. So now, back to work. The tourists are scarce on the ground right now, so I'm trying to catch up on inventory and orders. PTL!
Have a great day.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Enjoying grandkids in the pottery studio!

Amanda brought Anna and Andrew up north for a few days. At 2, Andrew now can somewhat be let loose in the work area. Anna will spend hours out there working at her own table, using slabs of clay to cut out shapes. It is so good for them to explore. And what a blessing to be able to share this with them. The hummingbirds where flying thru the studio too, which really got the kids laughing. I even got a bit of work done, although slightly hindered by having to wear a glove on my hand that has the stitches in it. The doctor said to keep them "clean and dry" not easy with my job!!