Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dec 23rd

Happy Christmas everyone, and just think, now the days will start getting longer! I was walking out back with Barry's dog and cannot tell you how beautiful the woods look. Every tree is decorated with "mother nature's" trim, snow.

Barry came back from ice fishing to show off this monster northern. Wow.
Well, back to the basement and more pottery to paint.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dec 21st.

The shortest day of the year. Has been snowing since last night. The mad rush on etsy before Christmas is over. Back to normal. Thanks every one for your patronage during this Holiday time.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The studio is closed for the season, but you can find us at craft shows and on etsy!!

Well, summer does have to end, and now I have moved my pottery wheel and assorted stuff into the basement for the winter. There, I work and listen to audiobooks to keep the creative spirit going.
We have a sign posted out at the studio directing folks who still stop by to come to the back door, and fetch us if they want to see what's up in the studio. And we hit the craft show route more and more.
This weekend in Eagle River is Cranberry Fest
the week end of the 9th and 10th I will be in Egg Harbor WI for their pumpkin fest.
In between we work on inventory!! And enjoy the fall colors.

Monday, August 16, 2010

August in the Studio

The summer has just flown by, hard to believe it is August. There has been so much done, house painted, yard cleanup, studio flowers to keep going no matter what the weather. Barry and I want to list the house for sale, which means alot of work. We have been doing alot of art and craft shows, besides daily life at the studio. The gardens are looking great, my goldfish are getting bigger in the little pond and the hummingbirds are fighting over the Siberian Catmint. Just beautiful days. Thank you God!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3 plus inches of rain in 8 days!

So really, we hardly had any snow this past winter, and the lakes up here are really suffering. June 7th was the last day the sun was out, I kid you not. The rains came, which makes life difficult since it's hard to get things dried and fired. And with the rain came temps in the upper 50s and mid 60s. Brrr. Oh well, at least my garden is very happy for the rain. And our rain buckets are full. I have been throwing bowls and plates, so will be busy painting tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Early June

We have been busy in the studio and at craft shows this May and June. The rains have greened up the northwoods but it still is considered in drought conditions. Besides working and selling at our studio we also hit the road and sell at craft shows. That has it's own set of problems, mostly bad weather. I was at New Richmond WI last Saturday, June 5th and we got shut out by the morning drizzle turning to rain by 1 pm. I hate packing up in the rain, but oh well, it's what we do! Barry will be setup at Saint Germain WI's "Walk in the Woods" art show this Saturday June 10th. I'll be working at the studio.
Hope to see you there, or here!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring cleanup in the Studio

There is a feel to the mornings now, a crispness that makes me want to get outside and work on the gardens. I try to curb this urge since our mornings are quite often near the freezing temp as yet. So, I decided to get my pottery out of the winter totes, scrub off the shelves and set up the pottery sales area. Barry had already been cleaning in his back sales room, so I could not sit and eat bon bons!

Now it is just a matter of time for visitors to come and shop! In the mean time we will keep making more beautiful things to temp you all!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

the pottery process

I know I'm disorganized, but I thought it would be nice to show some of the steps to make pottery. I had just finished enjoying my favorite Food Network chef, Nigella Lawson early this Saturday morning and decided to post some delicious pottery pictures. I cannot out cook her, but can do a bit of clay work! This is an extremely busy time in the pottery, as I continue to make items for the studio inventory and must plan out the making of 16 dozen mugs for a special customer. Mugs are, for me, the most labor intensive item to make since there are several steps. The throwing of the body, trimming, handle pulling and later attaching. It's a real joy to have a bunch of mugs all finished and ready to sell!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I do believe that it is spring!

The snow is gone, and it's such a relief to be able to load and unload the kiln without freezing. I don't think I have ever gotten as much pottery fired during the winter before. We have robins calling, and on my way to and forth from Wausau today the raptors were very much out shopping for supper.
I'm getting ready for a craft show the weekend of April 10th in Onalaska WI at the Omnicenter. Plus working for summer inventory at the studio. Soon we can start opening on weekends. Always wonderful to see who will be stopping by.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back from a wonderful Quilting Retreat!!

Every once in a while we all need to go off and do something that feeds the soul and your heart. This past weekend, (Thursday night on) my daughter Amanda and I (with baby Andrew) enjoyed the Spring Retreat (Cabin Fever Retreat) organized by Roseann of Rosebud's cottage of White Bear Lake MN. About 30 quilters descended upon the Best Western of Eau Claire WI and enjoyed lots of quilting, shopping and sharing. A good way to recharge after the winter. And with the warm weather, it was nice to notice the snow almost gone from Thursday til Sunday on our trip back to Neenah WI.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Sunny Sunday

It is a beautiful day, the kiln will get reloaded (how I love this mild weather) and I must start packing to head to the Spring Quilt retreat which is sponsored by Rosebud's Cottage of White Bear Lake MN. I'm taking some special mugs along to tempt the ladies with!
Amanda and I (plus baby Andrew) will enjoy the quilter's dream life of unlimited sewing and conversation. No dishes to do, no meals to cook!!
Oh well, back to the pottery for now.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

End of Feb 2010

The end of the month, closer to spring. Quilting is a hobby of mine, nice to work with all the beautiful colors and it's nice to make something I don't have to sell. I'm always working on pottery for sale at the studio or craft shows, so I really cherish moments when I can just sew. Daughter Amanda and I are going to a quilt retreat in March for a long weekend. It is sponsored and organized by Roseann of Rosebud's cottage of White Bear Lake Minn. Great time, good to have some quiet time to work on projects or shop or nap!!
Barry worked on our bedroom refurb, putting up knotty pine tongue and groove boards. I love the look, very cozy. Tomorrow is March, but today I'll work on cutting out projects for the retreat.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mild Feb days

The best thing about the slower pace of winter is getting time to work on quilting, catch up on reading, and working on pottery to sell during the summer season. I'm finally working on an unfinished quilt project and just enjoy not having to leave the yard. I've found a new author to try, Kathleen Hills, who writes about UP mystery and her character John McIntire. I've been watching the PBS made for tv series "Foyles War" with actor Michael Kitchen. During the summer and fall I rarely have time for movies and reading. So this is definitely a Blessing.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feb saturday

Welcome to the beginning of longer days. I guess we have about 10.5 hours of daylight now. The more noteworthy point is that the angle of the sun is getting higher. For those in the northwoods, that is important! It is beautiful out there, and such a blessing!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010