Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

voting day in wisconsin

My daughter went to vote today, and since we don't have driveup voting as yet, she had to take the kids in with her. The almost 4 year old wanted to know what "voting" was. "You get to tell everyone what you like" my daughter told little Anna. Well, once into the town center, Anna marched up to the poll lady and said, "I like popcorn!".
I guess it's a start.

It was 26 or so degrees this morning as Barry and I sat on the back of our old pickup outside our polling place. Not alot of action, and no one from the recall group. When I went back at noon they were represented, so I parked my truck again and resumed my spot on the tailgate. The sun was out, the wind was up and it was nice to be able to hand out some flyers, and yes, there are many in our area who are very happy to support Sen. Holperin. It was a good day to believe in freedom of thought and speech.

And thank you all again from the depth of my soul for your kindnesses towards me and our business. I was trembling with emotion Monday morning when I checked my etsy shop. God bless you all. We will keep working hard. And soon the studio will be open and summer can commence.

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