Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Friday, April 22, 2011

The wait

When you are a little kid, waiting is impossible. That's cause in your world, what you value and need is very important. Then we grow up and learn about waiting for new important things.
For an artist who relies upon art and craft shows to pay the bills the waiting for the jury dates is almost impossible to endure. We check the online banking to see if the check is thru, we check the website to see if they started to list the artists. We hate to get a fat envelope from the art association for a specific art show, cause that usually means all your application stuff has been sent back with a reject notice.

It's spring, so I wait. I am, therefore, I await the decision by unknown folks who have no idea what it is to be me, a potter. Let me tell you, it can be extremely difficult to break into a new art show. Many tend to have the same artists year after year. That is a comfort for them, since unless you have a spouse working, or am retired, this is your only way to make it. But the outsider has a leaner time.
So lets all pray that the capricious winds of fate blow in our favor, getting us into the shows we so need to pay the bills!! Newton stated it for himself, "I think, therefore I am" For me it's "I am juried, therefore I sink or swim".

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