Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter observations

As I sit recovering from knee surgery I often work at the computer in the sunroom. This is a 1920's era house with an eastern facing room mostly composed of big windows. From the comfort of my house I get to watch the world go by. Lately we have 2 to 3 Pileated woodpeckers feeding off a big suet bag. I remember the first time I saw one of these big (17") almost prehistoric looking guys beating the daylights out of one of my dead trees. That was in the mid 1980's, when I lived east of Wausau. Now further north in the Saint Germain area we hear and see the big guys alot more. Their beauty and strange grace is wonderful to see.

Unfortunately Barry never did make it down to the craft show, on the way thru Woodruff the old van started steaming and making alot of noise (great) so we pulled off at the Brandy Lake BP to check it out. Now it was about -15 last Friday morning, and I had to get to the clinic for my surgery. While Barry popped the hood on the van, I went into the gas station to beg a ride from anyone willing to help. I found a good angel (thanks again Larry, where ever you are) and grabbed my crutches and waved goodbye to Barry. Don't label me heartless, but only one of us needs to stand around waiting for a tow. I was just glad if we had to have problems it wasn't out on the highway with nothing near.

Long story made short, Barry was towed back to a reliable repair place, although the van didn't get finished until Monday. I had a safe surgery and Nancy picked me up and didn't have to stay since Barry was at home waiting. What next?

After all that excitement it was good to just ice the knee and watch the bunnies, the birds and the snow fall outside.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Barry continues being my craft show guy!

Winter can be crazy cold, but the bills continue to come in, so I book shows. This upcoming weekend is an event in Stevens Point WI called "Garden Visions 2011". It's a Master Gardeners conference and besides speakers and workshops there is a Marketplace. We will have my pottery and Barry's twig baskets, grapevine baskets and signs. He gets to do the show since I am having knee surgery on Friday. He's going to drop me off at the clinic then head down to the conference site. Thank the Lord for girlfriends who can drop everything and come fetch me when I'm ready and spend the weekend with me and the dog. Thank you Nancy!
At least we only have really cold temps scheduled, not snow. So, will update after the weekend.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Planning for a spring quilt retreat!

Once or twice a year my oldest daughter and I go out into the world and enjoy a long weekend at at quilting retreat. You see, quilting is one of my hobbies, and getting away from the potter's wheel and the lure of the clay process for a brief time helps my artistic soul. Everyone should have this in their lives. But few of us will take the time to step away from the daily grind to feed this need. We all should to stay healthy in both mind and spirit.
Normally we go to Eau Claire Wi to a great retreat organized by Roseann of Rosebud's Cottage of White Bear Lake MN. This year there was some scheduling things so being with Roseann's event will have to wait til November. We are going to try a new retreat house in Menasha WI. This place is organized by Lisa of Primitive Gatherings, also in Menasha. The quilt shop specializes in primitives, and her hand dyed wools and designs and so much stuff. You can visit the shops' websites for Roseann's and Lisa's is I love Roseann's retreats, so it was difficult to not have a March retreat with her. It will be an adventure to be at a new place, and new views. We all need new adventures.
So, now I have some new plans to make. Unfinished projects to get organized and new projects to get ready!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Is it really 2011?

Happy New Year everyone.
I cannot believe that now it's a different year and I am just so excited for what this year could bring. I have been brain storming new designs for pottery, like check out the Valentines Day stuff, and figuring out some bird baths to make. Before I know it, it will be spring, so I must get ready with alot more ideas. Any suggestions? Drop me a comment.
My sketch book is getting used, my pencil is sharpened and I am thinking pottery!
Stay warm.