Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Thursday, March 31, 2011

End of March but no robins yet.

Up here we wait anxiously for the first robin. I don't know if they are in Minocqua or Eagle River yet, but not in our back yard. I did hear a sandhill crane today from across the road beyond the woods. I is hard to wait for warm weather to push the frost out of the ground and allow the melted snow to sink in. All the trees look so winter weary.
I am heading off to Onalaska tomorrow for a weekend show at the Omnicenter, and of course we have a forecast of maybe snow. ecch. I am just praying my old van holds out. This is the first show I'm doing alone since my knee injury and surgery. This will test it! The van is loaded with pottery and baskets, my suitcase and coffeepot.
Barry harvested grapevines Tuesday (in the snow) so he would have some fresh beautiful baskets for me to sell. I've been making yarn bowls, ikebanas, earring bowls, bakers and mugs. Perhaps spring will come next week!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last Saturday Amanda took me to a fantastic dining place west of the mall area in Appleton called "The Wild Truffle". It features incredible food, carefully prepared and with a very attentive waitstaff. This shot is of my dessert, the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. ymmmm

Monday, March 21, 2011

quilting retreat at the "Gathering" in Menasha Wis

My daughter Amanda and I have just spent a really wonderful long weekend at a new quilting retreat house called the "Gathering". This is a new facility in Menasha WI built by Lisa, better known for her top quilting shop "Primitive Gatherings"

We have been to many quilting retreats, but I must say, there is alot to be said about going to a center which is dedicated to the sewing arts. When we got to the Gathering, we were met by Terri, our hostess and cook, and by the end of the weekend, a new friend. The entire house is decorated with Lisa's incredible collection of quilts, folkart decor, and a real attention to detail. I would suggest if you want to check out better photos, go to the shops website and click on "The Gathering" The food was incredible, and the sewing rooms set up so carefully to work for sewing. The lighting was thoughtfully set up too, which isn't always the case at some retreats. Our bedrooms again were decorated in quilts, very comfortable beds and wow, just anything we needed. I cannot wait to go back!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

back home, early March

I'm back home after spending 2.5 weeks down at Amanda's. Great time with them, although I must have picked up something, since within half a week I was down with a horrible cold/cough thing. Not fun, and hard to feel productive with that going on.
The snow is much diminished from the thaw we had all over the state, but there is still enough. Today it's been lightly snowing, causing the birds and squirrels to hit the feeders heavy. Good to be back home, and to know my knee is much recovered, the Marshfield Clinic surgeon did a great job. Nice to be able to get up and down from my wheel without pain, what a blessing. Good to be back making bowls and cupcake holders, and earring bowls and mugs and you get the picture. I sit here at the computer watching the crazy birds and rejoice in everything.