Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back home before the storm

Nice to be back at my own nest. But it is very hard to leave my daughters and the family in Neenah. We have been blessed with no snow as yet, it is going south of Saint Germain, so I am happy. We are tormented by ice on all the walkways of course, so perhaps a bit of snow would help in that respect. Today was unpacking, sorting mail, paying bills, balancing the check books (which get very skinny this time of year) and deciding what craft show applications that have come in while I was gone to deep six or consider applying for. I have some orders to pack up from etsy sales (thank you very much) and get on a carrier pickup for Tuesday.
I am going to try a new show in June, the 18th, organized by the Valley Art Association of Chippew Falls. This is the 3rd year, so perhaps many of the startup wrinkles are gone. It is so very much work to organize an art show. And for not much kudos.
But we artists and crafters do alot of work too. And it can be scary trying a different show, since you just don't know how the layout it, the advertising, the jurying and whether resale items are allowed (oh no). And then the weather can be a big factor. And lets hope the major employer doesn't suddenly announce a big layoff the day before! Oh yeah, been there.
So, once we get our schedule set we pray for all to go well!

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