Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feb warmup in Wisconsin!

Down in Neenah yet, and it is wonderfully warm (by Wisconsin standards)and snow is melting. The snow is melting on my daughter's goldfish pond, a great sign. Although the picture of the pines are from back home. I love how the wind whips thru the tree tops. Our house is from 1920, and has huge big pines of various sorts. I think the white pines are my favorite. In fall they start to sift down these golden slender needles which make a soft carpet on the ground. Breath taking to behold. In winter the snow clings tenaciously to every bit of the branches, defying anything but the stiffest of winds to dislodge them. Woe to the unwary who walks beneath a pine at the wrong time! Snow down the neck of your coat is a shocker.
The chickadees grab a sunflower seed and then fly to a pine branch to pound it open and enjoy the goodness. Back and forth, all day. As the days lengthen we start to hear more bird song in the yard. Very welcome.

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