Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 2014

Yeah, I know it's still winter, but isn't it more fun to look at images of summer and the studio.  We have about 30 inches of snow out there, it's below zero alot, so why dwell on that?

Lets plan what flowers we are going to plant.  If this is the year with warm enough temps to really have a good tomato crop!!
What our lives are like isn't just by accident. We decide whether to be bitchy, bold, creative, shy, thoughtful or,,,well you get the picture. Our days are getting longer by 3 minutes or so every day! That is something to shout about. The black squirrel is back with his girlfriend and eating us out of house and home! Chickadees and gold finches visit the feeders and the big sassy bluejays feed next to the bunnies in the snow.  It's great to be alive and praise God, be safe and healthy. I hope my positive thoughts extend to you!

Oh the need for speed, and for the wind in your ears. The little mouse looks like he's doing the famous Titanic swoon by ~ Mardi Speth

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