Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Sunday, December 8, 2013

December with the snow falling.

Wow, it's December 8th, lightly snowing and actually above zero. The wind is still (finally) and I have returned from the frigid studio's back room after packing a bunch of etsy orders!! PTL!  Shows are done and now my days are spent photographing pottery for etsy.  The kiln needs unloading from it's bisque run but it's been below zero since Tuesday, so I have no desire to be out in that!!
I think over the past year and am amazed at how fast the time went. It seems only yesterday (such a cliche) that I was so happy to have it 50 degrees at 6am.  We are so driven by the cycle of the sun up here north of the 45th parallel.  How can we not be? I find myself lingering in bed over that 2nd cup of coffee as I wait for daylight to show out the window and it's almost 7am.  Now I just wait for the temps to moderate a bit so I can go walking in the woods out back and check out all the animal prints.
Tuffy the cat is a constant reminder of how even house cats get housebound. During summer he spends most of his day out on a run attached to the clothes line where he can enjoy the day but not hurt any birds or become prey himself! Now he torments my attempts to get pottery listed on etsy!

Stay warm out there, enjoy the season. More soon

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