Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Monday, December 31, 2012

the end of 2012

I drove thru Saint Germain this morning, the town was finally busy with lots of snow machines and holiday tourists! Figured there would be alot of happy resort/motel and eating place owners after the week. Barry has been ice fishing, and caught a 29 inch northern, which broke his jigging pole with the effort to not become part of a fish boil. I have been packing a few etsy orders and working on a quilt top with Tuffy's help on the border. Hmmm, not easy with a partner who can growl and swipe a claw faster than lightening. Today there was bread a-baking and now a chicken is cooking in the oven for tonight. We will enjoy some wine and definitely not make it up til midnight. Those days are long gone. Thank you all our family, friends and customers who we love to think of as friends for being part of 2012. I know this past year has been heavy on many of you and blessed on others. Our prayers are with you all every day. I hope the beginning of the year brings peace and courage to all of you and that this continues all year. Just think now we can start working on getting 4th quarter sales tax filed, premier resort tax, estimated income tax sent in and get all the records organized for the tax man! Gee, I think I would rather be quilting or making pottery! So now, I can say bye for now and see you Next Year!

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