Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One of my favorite Mystery writers!

About 3 years ago I became addicted to the writings of Louise Penny. This Quebec writer has spoiled me for so many other murder mystery writers. When you find a writer on the par of Rex Stout, it really ruins you to read other works by less skilled writers. Quality is what I am about, not the dozens of books pumped out by so many professional writers. Louise Penny has quality, and since she isn't publishing 2 or more books per year, she leaves us all longing for more.
Now this fall she is releasing her next book, called "A Beautiful Mystery", and it is hard to wait for this. I hope my hours spent working on my potter's wheel helps the time fly as I wait for this one.

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  1. Oh, how nice to have a recommendation for a new mystery writer. Just went to her blog and read a couple of entries. Sounds like a winner.

    Checked at our library and YEA they have several of her books.

    Have you read any by Charles Todd? Exceptionally good I think. The Inspector Rutledge ones are better than his other continuing character (Bess someone---can you tell I'm not too impressed with her?)