Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 2012

Happy belated New Year from Saint Germain. It was a busy end to December with many ETSY orders to pack and get out for the mail carrier to pickup. Our mail person is a lady named Jodi and she is a real asset to the post office. No matter if it was 3 boxes or 9, she would load up and head out with a smile.

Now it's working on more inventory and working at my part time job in Minocqua at the Brown Barn Bath Co. A beautiful place filled with hand made soaps, lotions, fine face products and even solid shampoo bars (very nice to use), just to name a few of the products the ladies at the lab in Holcombe WI make. And since winter isn't winter without some fun time, I've broken out the sewing machine and am bringing out some quilting projects to do.

I need to explain the pictures. The rusty pickup is my good ole Toyota 94 that has safely carried me for over 271K miles. It has gone to the BWCA a few times, to Florida, and all over the place to art and craft shows. Now it's up for sale while it still has some life in it. Who ever buys it will enjoy many miles of use, I'm sure. It is hard to think of it not being my transport. This truck was made in Japan, the last year for that model, and I think after that the Tacoma replaced it as the little truck and was made in the US. That was the best investment I ever made.

The other shots are of snow, and it's curious ability to defy gravity and made it's own shape on things.

And the last pix is of one of the new projects I finished. Fun wall hanging that I even machine quilted on my little Brother sewing machine.

I will update our craft show schedule soon, it is mostly the same, just the dates will change. I don't think I will be going up to Art on the Rocks this July unless I can figure out how to be a both Marquette Mich and Land o Lakes WI on the same weekend. Oh, how I love having 5 weekends in July, but not this year! So sad.

Well, back to the basement to paint some blueberries on some bowls!
Stay warm.

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