Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor day and where did the summer go?

Ahhh, the end of summer? We might get frost tonight the weatherguy said. The hops vine is almost all the way across the top of the pottery shed, and now the flowers are big and bold. It's the time for mums in the birch bark baskets and the grapevine baskets get a further accent with strips of bark woven into the vines.

Barry is still picking blackberries out at his secret spot, he sings and hums as he picks since the bears are there too! Never argue with a black bear over blackberries I guess.

Now every day that is warm is cherished all the more as the perfect way to dry pottery and I'm back to wearing socks and clogs out to the studio in the morning.
Well, enjoy your labor day, I'm off to work.

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