Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh baby, it's hot, but it could be worse!

I must apologize for disappearing from this blog for too long, the summer is upon us, as they say, and work becomes my major focus. I put aside most things to be out at the studio working. I check emails, etc, but quickly.
The extreme heat over the past week or so also takes it's toll on us. My studio in summer is out in the middle part of the roofed in area, so no A/C for us. Barry will go out early early and work til it gets too warm for him, then he vacates the studio to the shaded areas near the house. Yesterday afternoon even I admitted it was "too much" and when the sun started beating over the area I work at (about 3pm), I got more ice water and filled the grandkids wading pool, positioned it in the shade where I could still watch the studio, put my feet in (ahhhh)and relaxed and read. Very few customers leave their air conditioned cars to shop in 96+ heat.

I posted a pic of the inside of the kiln, since many people have no idea what an electric kiln looks like inside. Mine got new elements and thermocouple last Sunday afternoon. It is a brutal job, stressful cause if you make a goof, it stops you dead again. I replace the elements yearly, since as they age, resistance increases and slowly the time for glaze firing increases. I think I would like to consider switching to gas reduction next time I move or find a bigger studio to work in.

The gardens are surviving the heat, although we were really glad for the rains this week as the rainwater we collect was gone. Now the barrels and buckets are full and everything is happier.
Stay cool, stay hydrated, and enjoy the short time of summer.

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