Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer and dragonflies and mosquitos and...

Wow, have been incredibly busy working each day out in the studio. The tourists aren't really up as yet, so it is always a wonderful time to make stuff. And the hot weather we had up til today is glorious for drying clay! As usual, Barry hates the heat, and although it is very exhausting to work in it I appreciate the amount of work I get done each day. Our studio is looking fairly summery, with lots of grapevine baskets planted with beautiful wave petunias. We sell quite a few of these over the summer, all ready to go, instant decor. And they can reuse the baskets for many years!

This Saturday Barry is going to man our booth at the Saint Germain Chamber's "Walk in the Woods" art fair. I will help set up, then hurry back here to open the studio. The show is located at the chamber itself, so very visible as you drive thru town. I only wish the couple of craft shows the town does were as easy to find.

I love the scents of early summer, our lilac finally bloomed, and now the lilies of the valley are everywhere! My siberian catmint is starting to grow tall, soon purple flowers will be topping the 3 foot high stalks. The hummingbirds love these, and feed happily for most of the summer off the garden in the front of the workarea. When you brush against the siberian catmint leaves or water them they have a herby, tangy fragrance. Love it. Well, back to the studio.

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  1. Barry's baskets, lined with moss and planted with flowers, are beautiful. I was going to bring one home, but then decided I wanted the pottery even more. I am enjoying the pieces, and will get photos taken in the next day or two. Looking forward to stopping over again when thing settle down again.