Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Functional pottery made in Wisconsin

Friday, May 27, 2011

brrrr, baby it's cold outside

Memorial Day weekend in northern Wisc. Last night we moved all the planted grapevine baskets in the back of the studio, all the potted annuals too. I think it was 26 or 28 degs at 6am. Course I observed this from my warm bed as I drank a first cup of coffee (from beans I've been getting from Backroads Coffee Roastery of Hayward). I am praying that the weather warms since it has been very chilly out in the studio in the mornings. My hands go numb when I try to work out there, even with hot water in my throwing bucket. I try to find alternative things to do while watching the studio. But, soon it will warm up, right? For now, it's a bowl of cereal and another cup of Scandinavian Blend.

If you are out on the roads this holiday time, keep an "umbrella" of protection over you, and if you are up north, come visit Tall Pines Studio!!

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